Easter Events in WWII Assembly

Event One

Easter Egg

Duration: April 24th – April 26th

During the event, the player can log in WWII Assembly to claim daily “Easter Egg“, open the gift to find the surprise!

Where to claim Easter Egg: the icon of Claim in the left column

Event Two

Bunny Chase

Duration: April 24th – April 27th

During the event, the quest of Bunny chase appears in the expedition, daily 3 tries available during the event, now defeat the phantom and chase the bunny to win Easter Bunny(by random)!

Where to participate: the icon for Expedition

Event Three

Aide Pack on Sale

Duration: April 22nd – April 25th

During the event, the player can buy aide packs in the store, the pack contains various items for the aide, and the giveaway of one aide with level higher than green!

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