S2 Talvisota Opening Events at 0000 April 14th(CST)

S2 Talvisota of WWII Assembly is Opening at at 0000 April 14th(CST).

World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945 which involved most of the world’s nations, including all of the great powers, organised into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

The game is set in the stage of World War II after 1940 and in the battlefields in Europe. Now you have a chance to engage and fight in this great war.

The history, relive or revise, depends on your focus!

Here are the opening events:

1. Register Gift

Duration: Always

The new player registers to play WWII Assembly will receive one gift pack,  the pack contains:

Coins 3,000

40,000 of each resource

Coupon 15

Junior Builder*5, Senior Builder*3

Junior Researcher*5, Senior Researcher*1

Junior Processor*5, Senior Processor*1

Junior Trainer*5, Senior Trainer*1

Junior Adviser*1, Mobilization Speech*1, Baby Boom*3, Speech Paper*3 and Cease Fire*1

2. Prestige Bonus

Duration: Always

The player will receive one Prestige bonus when the Prestige reaches 10,000. The bonus contains:

Iron 100,000, Oil 100,000 and Food 100,000

Coins 10,000

Plain Alloy 100, Plain Fuel 100 and Plain Ammo 100

Coupon 20

Mining Device*1,  Mining Device*1 and Farming Device*1

Mission Book(Daily)*3 and Mission Book(Expedition)*3

Expander*3 and Mobilization Speech(1 day)*3

3. The King Of New Server

Duration: 4.14 – 4.21

The top 100 players in the prestige rank at the end of the event will be rewarded with big bonus.

1st                            200 Gold & 300 Coupon

2nd – 10th              100 Gold & 200 Coupon

11th – 50th             50 Gold & 100 Coupon

51st – 100th            20 Gold & 50 Coupon

4. Best Legions

Duration: 4.14 – 4.28

For the top 10 Legions at the end of the event, the leader and the top 10 members within the legion will be rewarded with big bonus.


The leader: 1,000 Coupon and Legion Expander(lv2) * 20

The top10 members: Elite Builder*5, Elite Trainer*2, Elite Researcher*5, Legion Card*20 and 100,000 Coins

2nd – 3rd

The leader: 500 Coupon and Legion Expander(lv2) * 20

The top10 members: Senior Builder*5, Senior Researcher*5, Legion Card*20 and 50,000 Coins

4th – 10th

The leader: 200 Coupon and Legion Expander(lv2) * 20

The top10 members: Senior Builder*2, Senior Researcher*2, Legion Card*15 and 20,000 Coins

5. Best Commanders

Duration: 4.14 – 4.28

The players owning the top 10 commanders in the commander rank at the end of the event will be rewarded with big bonus.

1st    One set of +20 Aides

2nd – 3rd  One +20 Aide in random

4th – 10th One set of +14 Aides and one +9 Aide

6. Gold Purchase Giveaway


Starting at 0000 April 28th

This event starts at 0000 April 28th  and the purchase refers to the valid purchase after 0000 April 28th.

The purchase refers to the single purchase of minimum amount for the first time, not the accumulated amount of several purchases.

Once for each category for each account.

For the minimum purchase of 600 Comet Points = 1200 Gold + 240 Coupon
plus “Bishop” Jessica(politics+10)

For the minimum purchase of 1000 Comet Points = 2000 Gold + 500 Coupon
plus “Computer” Squall(tactics+10), “Death” Ozzie(command+10) and “Duchess” Jennifer(charm+10).

For the minimum purchase of 2000 Comet Points = 4000 Gold + 1200 Coupon
plus “Mist” Mais(tactics+14), “Diva” Pamela(command+14) and “Pearl” Yoko(command+9).

For the minimum purchase of 5000 Comet Points = 10000 Gold + 4000 Coupon
plus “Brain” Zoser(tactics+20), “Hammer” Bloom(command+20) and “Iceberg” Katherine(politics+20).

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