WWII Assembly – FAQ

Q1: What can I do after login in the game?
A1: That’s easy. Just click the “Task” at the lower right corner. According to the clew, complete the tasks step by step. After finishing all the newbie quest, you will understand the basic functions in this game. Then you can make your own strategy policy as you like.

Q2: What can products do? How can I get it? How can military produce?
A2: In the game, militaries need to be made in the barracks and have some requirements. The produce of units consumes products. Products are kind of secondary goods converted by the resources. There are many different units in the game, so the products they need are also different. For example, infantry units consumes ammunition.

Q3: What is prestige? How to improve it?
A3: Prestige stands for the overall achievement in the game. It determines your military title and daily support from headquater. Prestige consists of development, military and record.

Q4: What is the spy? How to use it?
A4:  The spy is to investigate your enemies or even destroy enemies’ military and resources. You can train your spies in the intelligence agency and let them sneak into enemies’ cities. By the way, the spies can also stay inside to have an effectf of anti-spy.

Q5: What can I do if the buiding is the top grade? What can help if block is not enough?
A5: The number of inner and outer block has a limit. And the grade of each building is limited, too. You can improve it by expanding the city. The top grade of city is 3. Only when the city hall and prestige reach the necessary level, you are able to expand the city.

Q6: How to research technology?
A6: The technology will give addition of various. You need to construct an institute and research Tech Point in it. And it costs resources and time. Higher grade, more Tech Point input. Constructing more institutes can help reduce researching time.

Q7: What is the use of population?
A7: The population is used to produce and military, which determines the taxation. The population depends on the number and grade of residences inside, but also the loyalty. By the way, the increasing of population need time, so that when finishing to construt the residence, you can not see the population increasing at once. It is after some time that you see it. Moreover, idle = current- working. If this number is negative, it shows that the city is in an overload situation, and the whole efficiency will be low. So remember to avoid overload. Once it happens, you may adjust the working population to improve.

Q8: What is working efficiency? How to manage it?
A8: The population can be assigned to producting, processing and military. Each one have its own population demand. The ratio of population and demand determines efficiency, which directly influences the actual effect. For example, if efficiency is  50%, the resources output will be half of the maximum output.

Q9: What is loyalty?
A9: Loyalty shows the support of your people. High loyalty means that the speed of population increase is high, and the population ceiling is also a large number. Otherwise, the population will decrease. The loyalty can increase with the function of inspect and speech, and lower by the tax and war.

Q10: How to attack others?
A10: In WWII, you must build the assembly post near the target.  Assembly post can be seen as an outpost. If there are many assembly posts existed, multi-scuffles might happen. The players who are in the same nation are in the same front, and cannot attack each other. In addition, you cannot attack the players in newbie protection. Those who use the cease fire, once the attacking target’s title and your title is too large difference, attacks may also be limited accordingly.

Q11: Where is the commander? What can an aide do?
A11: After you complete buiding the mansion, you can begin to recruit a commander. The commanders have four capabilites which determine the fighting and political performance. They can lead troops to do fighting, trasnportation and expedition, etc.  With the game going on, you have the chance to get all kinds of chests. An aide may be come out by opening the chests. The aides can be allocated to the commanders to help them display their capabilities.

Q12: How to build a new city?
A12: You can click the “Map” at the upper right corner and then enter an area. Then, choose a vacant to build your city. Not all the vacants can be used to build a new city. Besides, building a new city consumes a large amount of resources and have prestige requirement. What’s more,  you can build only two cities in a region. And we advise you to build cities in your own country, because building cities in other countries will make taxation half  and easy to be sieged.

Q13: How does a nation operated?
A13: Please see the nation explanation.

Q14: Are there any differences among coins, gold and coupon?
A14: Coins are the basic currency in this game. It is used in governance, military technology, trade, etc. Coins are mainly got through taxation, looting and tasks. Gold is used to purchase items in the shop, mainly obtained from recharging. Coupon is also be used to purchase items and mainly got by headquarter support, tasks, packs and all kinds of activities.

Q15: Will my files be delected?
A15: Never delect files, permanently free.

Q16: How can I get the newbie pack?
A16: Please go and see the related pages on the website.

Q17: How to get rare ore?
A17: Please read the rare ore explanation.

Q18: How can I purchase gold?
A18: After the commercial operation starts.

Q19: How do commanders gain experience and upgrade property?
A19: In the combat and expedition, commanders will obtain experience according to the enemies they have killed. And you can allocate the experience to each property in the mansion. Higher property, more experience needed.

Q20:How many sub-bases can I build? Could I delect the sub-base?
A20: You can build 6 sub-base at most. You can choose to delect a sub-base. Once you delect it, it will not be resumed.

Q21: I want to change my ID. Can you delect it for me and change for another one?
A21: Sorry, we don’t have this service.

Q22: How to dispatch?
A22: Firstly, build an outpost outside. Secondly, enter the coordinate, number of troops and commander on the interface of outpost. There is a more convenient way: Click a vacant on the map, then choose to dispatch.

Q23: How to transport resources, troops and commanders?
A23: You need a outpost first. Then click “Transport” and choose the target city and resources, troops and commander.

Q24: How many items can be used to effect the city?
A24: There is no limit. But remember don’t use the same type of item many times, or the previous effect might be covered, not superposition.

Q25: Why is my supply output per hour is negative?
A25: Maintainance of military units consumes the supply, if you cannot make ends meet, the number will be negative.

Q26: Can I change the previous main base to the main base again?
A26: Yes, you can.

Q27: Does the legion have a maximum number of members? How to increase the maximum number?
A27: Yes, it has a maximum number. You can upgrade the legion to increase maximum number.

Q28: How to cancel the resource order in the market?
A28: Once you hang out an order, you cannot cancel selling it. It is to prevent players from escaping being looted. But you can adjust the price of your order.

Q29: What is the maximum number of constructing queues?
A29: If you use the “Mobilization Speech”, a city can have 4 constructing queues at the same time.

Q30: Can I cancel the building?
A30: Yes, you can. But only a part of resources will recover.

Q31: How many commanders can I recruit?
A31: The grade of mansion determines the maximum number of commanders. Besides, the total number of commanders is limited.

Q32: Can I give up doing daily task?
A32: You can cancel the daily task or use an item to refresh the tasks. Remember that number of daily tasks has a limit.

Q33: How can resources be turned over to the nation?
A33: We don’t have this function yet.

Q34: Can I build a city in the enemy state?
A34: Of course you can. However, the taxation will be half. And you might be sieged.

Q35: Why were my army starved to death?
A35: Maintainence of military consumes the supply. If the supply exhausts, and the output cannot make ends meet, the army may starve to death.

Q36: Are the allies able to gift resources to each other and defend each other?
A36: Defending each other is permited. Gifting resources is not available.

Q37: How to avoid war?
A37: We advise you join in a stronger legion or go to expert help in the same nation. And using cease fire, moving to another city can also help.

Q38: Could I dismiss my legion?
A38: Yes, you can. But when the war is happening, you cannont dismiss it.

Q39: Can I recall the troops ongoing?
A39: No, you cannot.

Q40: In what situation can the resources output have a bonus?
A40: When the city is in anti-fight area and controled by the your country, you can enjoy a bonus.

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