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National Power
·The nation wins the new regions in the international war and this results in extra output bonus for the domestic bases.
·There is certain points for national power of the occupied region, and all of these points make up the whole national power of the nation. The national power determines the scale of the nation, and the more the points, the more bonus for the officers of the nation.

·The president is allowed to appoint the officers and the nobles of the nation.
·The officers enjoys the national bonus depending on the title and the national power.

president officer appointment, war dispatch, nation/city announcement, etc.
Officer nation/city announcement
War Leader war dispatch
Duke no actual authority
Marquis no actual authority
Count no actual authority
Viscount no actual authority
Baron no actual authority

·President is chosen from the election.

·Each month, there’s the election of President. during the election, there is  no president and no international war.
·The players within top 20 of reputation of the nation is allowed to apply to be the candidates.
·The player with reputation more than 1,000 and within Top 80% of reputation ranking is allowed to vote for one candidate.
·The former president turns to the candidate automatically in the next election.

·For the vote, the higher the rank and the reputation, the more valuable the vote.
·In the end, the votes for each candidate display to the public and the player with the highest votes turns to President.
· The election fails when there’s not any voting.

【International War】

· At 19:00    Frozen
·At 20:00    Start
·No international war during President election
·During the war, the legion can not disband and the member shall not quit the legion or be kicked out.

·The member of the legion can dispatch one troop of units to the assembly point before international war, the operation of dispatching and withdrawing finishes instantly. Other troops of units can not be viewed.
·Each legion may assemble 8 troops at most and each player 1 troop at most.。
·The leader of the legion may dismiss unnecessary troops.
·The leader of the legion shall sign up to participate during frozen period, and the enrolled troops can not be withdrew.
·The President is able to check the list of troops already assembled in frozen period, and set the target battle field.
·The battle field shall be nativa zones(for defense) or neighbouring zones of the enemy or the neutral party(for attack).
·The leader of the legion appointed to the war can not cancel the participation.
·The invovled troops are dispatched to the referred zones automatically after the start of the war, and the troops with no destination are dismissed automatically.

·The legion led by the leader moves to the target city, and there are 5 areas to occupy in the city.

·The legion with the victory stations in the area automatically, and the defeated side withdraw to assembly point waiting for the dispatch.
·It takes time to move from one area to another.

·The nation wins 1 point per second after occupying certain area in the city successfully, and points multiple when several areas are occupied, for example, 2 points per second for 2 areas.
·When the points reach a certain level, the nation holds the zone where the city locates.

·The bonus for the international depends on the loss of the opponent.
·The nations of the win the basic bonus for the participation.

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