WWII Assembly Tutorial

World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945 which involved most of the world’s nations, including all of the great powers, organised into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

The game is set in the stage of World War II after 1940 and in the battlefields in Europe. Now you have a chance to engage and fight in this great war.

The history, relive or revise, depends on your focus!

Create Character

Select the nation and the region where you want to start and create your first base.

How to start in the game?

It’s recommended to follow newbie quests by clicking the icon of Task in the lower right. The tutorials help you grow step by step.


Daily Bonus

You shall see this when you log in the game for the first time, and you can claim the daily bonus and check about official announcement here.

These buttons below your avatar provide direct access to various services.


Inside your base

Outside your base

You can click the signs indicating the vacants to construct the buildings, and you can click the building for the upgrade.

You need to expand your base if you feel a shortage of the vacants to construct the buildings.

The Panel

l         Shop: where you can buy various items to facilitate the gaming.

l         Legion: the guild for your fellow members.

l         Friend: have a check about your friends in the game.

l         Report: read the battle reports here.

l         Nation: check about what is going on in your nation.

l         Bag: all your belongings are stored here.

l         Rank: various ranking of all the players and the legions.

l         Mail: this is the ingame message system.

l         Task: tasks, quests and missions for you.

l         Unit: where you view your military power and dispatch your units to battle.

The icons on the upper right

l         There are the buttons for shifting among inside, outside and the world map.

l         The icon pops up when you complete the tasks or there is new message.

Base Info

l         There is the icon for your base, and you can shift among the icons if you own several bases.

l         The base info includes loyalty, coins, population and resources.

Character Info

Here displays your avatar, name, nation, military title, as well as your gold. You can exit the game and return to the main page by clicking “Exit”.

Chat Window

l         You can shift among different channels by selecting the buttons.

l         Input the message and click submit to speak in the chat.


The guide tasks are crucial to the newbie players, following the guide tasks helps to grow step by step.

Base Management

The base management is realized in City Hall.

For example, you gain the coins mainly from the tax income. The loyalty drops when you levy the tax, and inspection helps to increase loyalty. (The inspection consumes the food.)

The drop of loyalty affects the growth of population and hamper the development of the base.

The distribution of the labours is important. You need to assign different work to your citizens and optimize the efficiency.

The scale of the base shall be expanded when you need more vacants for the buildings.

More problems?

l         You may get help in three ways.

1. Ask GM or veterans for help in the chat, please do not spam.

2. Click the button to contact GM for help.

3. Have a check in the official website or in the forum.

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