Know-How in WWII Assembly

Attention: population

The  population is the fundamental factor in WWII Assembly and affects other aspects such as production, military and tax.

There is the management of labour distribution. Don’t forget to appoint your citizens with work, especially when you just finish the construction of  several residence.

There are three direction for the labour distribution, military, production and proces. You shall work out to find a balance among these aspects according to your focus. In peace, you may switch to the basic production of resource; while during the war, you probably need to appoint your men to the battle field.

So the amount of your labour is quite vital. How to increase the population? The people grows with time, the residence only provides how much people your base can accommodate. You need to increase the loyalty of your people.

Unfortunately,the loyalty of your people sinks when the base is attacked or the tax is heavy, in this case, you need to pay attention to the inspection.


There are three categories of the resource, coin, material and product.

The income of coins comes from resource trade and tax.

The materials are iron, oil, food and rare ore. The first three can be obtain from the relevant resource factories, while rare ore is occupied outside your base.

The processed products are made from the materials, these products play an important role in the military.


The type of the units are infantry, cannon, armor and aircraft, and for each kind of unit there are 3 grades, oridinary, veteran and elite. In the battle, the restrictions among the units shall be considered, you need to select the proper units to deal the optimized loss to the target and win the battle.Also the consumption of the food shall be counted if you do not want your units dead from hungry.

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