The battle for Rare Ore

●Originally, the mine of rare ore is unoccupied in the field.

● The player is allowed to dispatch units to occupy rare ore after the npc guard units of the mine are defeated.

●The occupying units are stationary automatically to guard the mine.

●The player needs to send the units to occupy from the base, not a assembly post.

●The player is allowed to call back the guard units, and when the food carried is all consumed, the guard units return automatically.

●The player is allowed to change the garrison from the same base, while only one troop of units(One commander) to be the guard.

●The occupied mine produces rare ore for the base, and rare ore belongs to the base even when there is no garrison, until being occupied by other players. There is the period of protection from being taken by other players after the occupation.

●Rare ore turns to restore after the occupation for a period and the garrison withdraw automatically. During the restore, the rare ore can not be occupied.

●Rare ore turns to normal after the restore.

●The player is allowed to occupy 3 spots of rare ore at most.

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